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Easy Wi-Fi access
How to log into the free Heidelberg4you Wi-Fi network.
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Don't hesitate to contact us:

OB-Referat - Digitale Stadt
Rathaus, Marktplatz 10
69117 Heidelberg
Phone 06221 58-10000
Fax 06221 58-4618000

Free Wi-Fi with Heidelberg4You (Photo: GaudiLab/shutterstock.com)

Free Wi-Fi

Internet access at more than 160 locations in the city

Heidelberg offers one of the largest public and free Wi-Fi networks in Germany: citizens, visitors, students, tourists and business travellers can easily browse the Internet at more than 160 locations throughout the city. The service is made available in cooperation with City of Heidelberg and the University of Heidelberg, as well as the Computing Center, the Heidelberg "Stadtwerke", Heidelberg Marketing and Heidelberg IT Management.

Man with laptop (Photo: Lipick/shutterstock.com)


Free Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi hotspots in Heidelberg (1.763 MB)

One-time registration at "Heidelberg4you."

In order to avoid misuse, users have to log in to the Wi-Fi network "Heidelberg4you". To do so, select the network near ​​an access point, open the internet browser and complete the one-time registration process by entering your country code and mobile telephone number. You will next receive a username and password via SMS. Then, you can surf the web for free.

The Wi-Fi network "Heidelberg4you" can be used indefinitely. The City of Heidelberg is already planning to make available further Wi-Fi locations within the city.

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