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Make data available freely (Photo: Shutterstock)

Open Data

Information is the raw material of the 21st century

The central tool of Open Government is Open Government Data, in short: Open Data. The idea is to make public administration data freely available and usable, in compliance with data protection and confidentiality regulations.

Open Data needs to circulate to be useful and to lead to shared knowledge. This circulation can then, for example, encourage transparency or innovative digital solutions. The World Wide Web has now created entirely new ways of sharing these data, in fact, it has been developed for exactly this purpose.

New cloud services make data processing much more cost-effective and affordable for everyone because they utilize different sources at the same time (linked data). To use these data, the author has to grant user rights, i.e., licenses, which follow the Open Data Guidelines. These licences ensure legal certainty in an ecosystem of open innovation.

By signing the G8 Charter for Open Data, Germany has committed itself to providing administrative data as open data. To ensure the protection of personal data, representatives concerned with freedom of information and Open Data work in close cooperation with those in the field of data protection. Therefore, the data protection officer of the city of Heidelberg is included in city project groups and their coordination processes.