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Don't hesitate to contact us:

OB-Referat - Digitale Stadt
Rathaus, Marktplatz 10
69117 Heidelberg
Phone 06221 58-10000
Fax 06221 58-4618000

Free Wi-Fi

Log in at "Heidelberg4you"

In order to use the Heidelberg4you free Wi-Fi simply follow these four steps: 

Step 1: select the network

Free Wi-Fi - Step 1: select the network (Image: City of Heidelberg)
  • Switch on Wi-Fi in the device settings. Wait for your device to search for the Heidelberg4you network. 
  • Connect to Heidelberg4you. This may take a moment.
  • Open your Internet browser and enter the address of the website you want to visit. 
  • The input window with the heading "Indentifizierung" (identification) will appear. Now click on "Registrieren" (register).

Step 2: register

Free Wi-Fi - Step 2: register (Image: City of Heidelberg)
  • First input field: enter the country code of your mobile telephone number without zeros, e.g. 49 for Germany.
  • Second input field: enter mobile phone number
  • Click on "Registrieren" (register)

Step 3: Log in to Wi-Fi network

Free Wi-Fi - Step 3: log in to Wi-Fi network (Image: City of Heidelberg)
  • Wait for an SMS from evmsms with login information. This can take a few minutes.
  • The SMS could look as follows:
     "Welcome. ID: 491234567897
     Password: pAsSwOrD. "
  • Enter ID and password from the SMS to the login mask. The ID is used as the user name.
  • Click on "Verbindung" (connection).

Step 4: use all hotspots in the city

Free Wi-Fi - Step 4: use all hotspots in the city (Image: City of Heidelberg)
  • A new input window will open.
  • Enter the homepage you would like to visit
  • You are now connected to the Heidelberg4you network. Further registration is no longer necessary. As soon as your device is within reach of a Heidelberg4you network, you are automatically logged in.