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(Photo: Diemer)

Heidelberg as a business location

Strong in science and research

Science city. The city’s solid economic structure and international research record make Heidelberg one of Germany’s most attractive centers of science and industry. Every working day, more than 50,000 commuters are drawn to the city, and scientists from all over the world come here for research and teaching. Heidelberg’s elite university is linked with research bodies and science-based companies throughout the region and all over the globe. Along with the prestigious University Hospital, Heidelberg University has a workforce of over 16,000, making it the city’s biggest employer. The new Bahnstadt district also promises to be an attractive location for jobs and is set to further enhance Heidelberg’s reputation as an economic powerhouse.

Business city. In addition to global corporations, Heidelberg is also home to a large number of world-leading SMEs such as Lamy, ProMinent or Tinti, as well as innovative start-ups. In fact, small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the city’s economy and make an invaluable contribution to municipal tax revenues.

In the picturesque Old Town, the mix of international stores and privately-owned shops is irresistible for shoppers and makes Heidelberg one of the most attractive retail centers in the region.

Designers, architects, game developers – a nationwide location ranking by the consultancy “agiplan” confirmed that Heidelberg is one of the most creative cities in Germany. Twelve per cent of all companies in Heidelberg, 850 in total, can be allocated to the sector of the creative industries, achieving an annual turnover of about 650 million euros. Thereby the creative industries have become an important economic sector in Heidelberg.