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(Photo: Diemer)


Everything close at hand

Easy to reach. Heidelberg is ideally located in the heart of Europe and in the center of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. With excellent autobahn and rail links to other parts of the country and only an hour from Stuttgart – the capital of Baden-Württemberg – and Frankfurt International Airport, it offers a huge locational advantage to businesses.

Mobile and environmentally friendly. Employees in Heidelberg and the surrounding region have a dense network of streetcars and buses at their disposal. Every year, the city invests more than ten million euros in a public transport system used by 100,000 people on a daily basis. During 2013 and 2014, Heidelberg has also been spending some two million euros on maintaining and expanding its system of cycle paths. And a 'green wave' initiative has also been launched for the city’s drivers.

Barrier-free and sustainable. The city’s residential areas are designed to be both sustainable and family-friendly. For example the world’s largest passive-housing area is being built for some 5,000 people in the new Bahnstadt district. The city authorities have also commissioned an economic development plan for Heidelberg that is designed to combine sustainability with economy.

Transformation. The site formerly occupied by the US Army offers a unique opportunity for urban development – at 0.8 square miles it covers an area almost twice the size of the Old Town. In consultation with the city’s inhabitants, Heidelberg is currently developing ideas on future uses for this brownfield site. In addition to creating an attractive residential quarter, the plan is also to develop the area as a business district.