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(Photo: Rothe)

Planning & building

Involving the people

Developing Heidelberg together. Heidelberg has set ambitious urban development goals for itself. And it is right to do so, for what is at stake is the way we will live together in the city in the future. Heidelberg is determined to remain socially equitable, environmentally friendly and economically successful – and to achieve this it is essential to systematically involve the people who live here early on in the development process.

Planning Heidelberg. Heidelberg is currently developing on a historically unprecedented scale. Two projects in particular are contributing to its rapid growth: the Bahnstadt district and the redevelopment program for the city’s former US Army sites. Both of these cover an area three times the size of the Old Town and promise to create urgently needed space for people to live and work in and for cultural and academic activities. But there is also a host of smaller projects contributing to Heidelberg’s ongoing development. The city authorities regularly publish a list of projects to make sure everyone is aware of what is going on, the so called "Vorhabenliste".

Making Heidelberg mobile. We all want to get from one place to another as quickly and safely as possible. The traffic planners in Heidelberg are determined to make this possible. But journeys have to be not just fast and safe, but also environmentally and family friendly and – as far as possible – barrier-free. That is why every building project is backed up by extensive and meticulous traffic planning.

Preserving Heidelberg. Heidelberg’s international reputation is largely due to the fact that so much of its urban heritage has been preserved. The Historic Buildings Department is tasked with looking after the city’s architectural and cultural monuments.