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Office of Waste Management and Municipal Cleansing
(Amt für Abfallwirtschaft und Stadtreinigung)
Hardtstraße 2
69124 Heidelberg
Phone 06221 58-29999
Fax 06221 58-29900

Where should I put my bin?

And what size of bin do I need?

As a general rule, when choosing a size of bin, you should choose one that is not too large or heavy for you to put out by the edge of the road to be emptied.

To meet the requirements of the applicable bylaw, the bin must be positioned:

Different bins (Photo: City of Heidelberg)
  • in an easily-accessible location.
  • no more than 10 meters from a public road navigable by waste collection vehicles.
  • The ground under the bin, and the access paths leading to it, must be hard enough that the bins cannot sink into the ground.
  • There must be no steps on the paths leading to the bin.
  • The paths leading to the bin must have an incline of no more than five percent.
Bin sizes
Bin volume
60 liters / 120 liters
100 cm
50 cm
55 cm
240 liters
110 cm
60 cm
75 cm
660 liters
125 cm
140 cm
80 cm
1.100 liters
150 cm
140 cm
130 cm
2.500 liters
150 cm
230 cm
140 cm
5.000 liters
150 cm
230 cm
250 cm

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