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Lecture hall of the University of Heidelberg (Photo: Hoppe)

Studying in Heidelberg


Residence permits are available for foreign nationals wishing to study, or apply to study, at a public, or government-approved, university or equivalent institution in Germany.

Courses and related activities for which resident permits are available

Resident permits are available for all types of study and related activities:

  • Language courses, particularly those designed to prepare students for study at a university
  • Studienkollegs and other publicly-funded initiatives preparing students for study at a university
  • Internships that are either mandatory for study at a university, or are recommended by a university
  • Courses of study at German universities up to the first vocational qualification or, in the case of consecutive and non-consecutive Bachelor/Masters courses, up to a second vocational qualification, including basic (Grundstudium) and advanced (Hauptstudium) studies, internships during studies, and preliminary and final examinations. Students are permitted to have taken a previous course of study abroad
  • Practical activities that are mandatory as part of a course of study, or that can be shown to be necessary for achieving the goal of the course of study
  • Studies to complement a course of study that was started abroad, and courses of study started in Germany that will be completed abroad

Working while studying

You are entitled to work a certain amount while studying. Your residence permit allows you to work for up to 120 days or 240 half-days per year, and to do part-time work during your studies.

During courses taken in preparation for university study, you may only work during vacations for the first year of your stay in Germany. If you have come to Germany to apply for a course of study, you are not permitted to work during the application process.

Working after graduating

If you successfully graduate from your course, your residence permit can be extended for up to 18 months to allow you to look for a suitable job. This gives you a chance to consolidate your right to stay in Germany as a self-employed, employed or highly qualified person, or as a holder of an EU Blue Card.
In order for your residence permit to be extended, all of the general conditions of issue must still be satisfied, particularly the requirement to be able to provide for yourself.

While looking for a job you are entitled to work as much as you wish, including in fields unrelated to your university qualification.