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Christina Reiß (Photo: Fotostudio Schwetasch)
Christina Reiß
Disabilities Officer
Bergheimer Str. 69
69115 Heidelberg
Phone 06221 58-15590
Fax 06221 58-49160

Tasks of the Disabilities Officer

The responsibilities of the city’s Disabilities Officer are based on the state of Baden-Württemberg’s Law on Equal Opportunities for the Disabled (§15 LBGG, in German).

One such responsibility is to act as an ombudsman for people with disabilities, who can contact the Disabilities Officer if they have any questions, problems or suggestions. Appointments can be made by either telephone or email.

The Disabilities Officer holds a drop-in session every month, alternating between the different districts of the city.

Another responsibility is to advise the City of Heidelberg on disability policy, and to work closely together with the city administration. The Disabilities Officer is not affiliated to any city department and can act as he or she sees fit.

The Disabilities Officer is part of the city administration. In Heidelberg he or she reports directly to the Mayor, rather than to a particular department within the city administration. The Advisory Committee for the Disabled is an elected body representing the interests of people with disabilities, and acting as an advisory committee to the City Council.