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Cyclists enjoying Heidelberg (Photo: Stößer)

Bicycle-friendly Heidelberg

Helping people get faster from A to B

One of the fastest ways to travel in Heidelberg is by bicycle. So it is no surprise that 73 percent of Heidelberg residents regularly cycle in the city. 51 percent even say that cycling is their favorite way to get around.

Cyclists in Heidelberg (Photo: Stößer)


Leisure time with your bike

Doing so is made particularly easy by Heidelberg’s extensive network of cycle paths – currently 120 kilometers long in total. In 2012, in recognition of the successful cycle policy that it has pursued for many years, the City of Heidelberg was named by the state of Baden-Württemberg as a bicycle-friendly local authority and presented with a prize: a bike counter, which has been installed on the south side of the Ernst-Walz bridge and gathers important data that can be used by transportation planners. Since 2013, Heidelberg has been a Model Local Authority of the RadKULTUR (Cycle Culture) project run by Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. And Heidelberg continues to invest: Over the period 2015/2016 the city will spend a total of around 1.5 million euros on cycling initiatives.

Cycling is not just popular in the city itself: The many cycle routes around and about Heidelberg are a great way of exploring the surrounding countryside. The roughly 226 kilometer-long Electoral Palatinate Axis (Kurpfalzachse) route takes cyclists right across the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, from Lambrecht in the Palatinate Forest all the way to the town of Osterburken, via the Rhine plain, the Neckar valley and the Odenwald mountain range. For a pleasant day trip, the Electoral Palatinate route (Kurpfalzroute), which runs from Heidelberg to Speyer via Schwetzingen and Ketsch, comes highly recommended. Another very popular route is the Bergstraße cycle route, which takes you through numerous small, historic towns, with Ladenburg and Weinheim ideal spots for taking a break. 

And when you cannot go any further, there is always the option of hopping on a bus or tram with your bicycle. Provided there is room, bicycles can be taken on public transport in Heidelberg free-of-charge every working day from 9 am onwards, and all day at weekends. 

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