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A beekeeper selling his honey. (Photo: Diemer)

Farmer’s markets and flea markets

Stroll... browse... tuck in...

Farmers’ markets take place at regular intervals both in central Heidelberg and in the city’s various districts. They are a popular place to go for leisurely shopping and delicious foods like fresh fruit and vegetables from the nearby countryside, high-quality fresh and cured meats and specialty cheeses, honey, and much more.

The huge Messplatz square in Kirchheim is home to Heidelberg’s biggest flea market, which is generally held every two weeks. With its countless stalls it is a great place to browse, indulge your passion for unusual clothing or trinkets, and snap up a bargain or two. 

The city’s children’s and babies’ flea markets are particularly popular. For those on a tight budget, they are a great way to pick up second-hand toys, clothes, furniture and other children’s and babies’ goods. The dates for the children’s flea markets are on the website of the Bündnis für Familie Heidelberg (Heidelberg families’ alliance). If you decide to organize your own flea market, you can enter the dates for that here too.