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Office of Sports Facilities and Health Promotion
(Amt für Sport und Gesundheitsförderung)
Tiergartenstraße 13/1
69121 Heidelberg
Phone 06221 513-4401
Fax 06221 402263

Dieter Hofer, head of the Heidelberg Gymnastics Centre. (Photo: Buck)


Ideal conditions for an effective workout

Various gymnasiums, which are regularly used by schools and sports clubs, are situated in the districts of Heidelberg. The city supports the modernisation and reconstruction projects of the gyms to ensure optimal training conditions for the many Heidelberg sports enthusiasts. The sports promotion program of the City of Heidelberg, therefore, supports the practical work of sports clubs. In 2017/18, the city provides around 2.2 million euros for sports promotion and 1.6 million euros for further construction measures of the sports clubs.

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