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Landscape Architects and Forestry Office
(Landschafts- und Forstamt)
Weberstraße 7
69117 Heidelberg
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Snowclad trees (Photo: Hornung)

Heidelberg city forest

In figures

The defining feature of the landscape around Heidelberg is the densely-forested slopes along the Neckar and Rhine valleys. Some 40 percent of the district is forested, and around three-quarters of that forest is owned by the City of Heidelberg.

'Seven Lime Trees' (Sieben Linden) viewpoint (Photo: Hartmann)
‘Seven Lime Trees’ (Sieben Linden) viewpoint (Photo: Hartmann)

Facts and figures:

  • Location:
    The 3,329-hectare city forest is located on the south-western edge of the Odenwald mountain range, mainly on the slopes facing the river Neckar and the Upper Rhine Plain.
  • Natural features:
    Height above sea level: 100-568 meters. The highest point in the forest is the Königstuhl hill (568 meters).
  • Climate:
    Mild climate, conducive to winegrowing. The average annual temperatures are 10.2 degrees Celsius (Heidelberg city) and 7.3 degrees Celsius (Königstuhl).
  • Rainfall:
    Plain: Approx. 670 millimeters; Königstuhl: Approx. 920 millimeters
  • Geology:
    The local geology is characterized by middle bunter sandstone, meaning that sandy and sandy loam soils prevail.
  • Area:
    The official total area of the city forest is 3,331 hectares, which can be divided into:
    Wooded: 3,155.2 hectares
    Non-wooded: 173.8 hectares

Distribution of tree species:

Distribution of tree species
Distribution of tree species:

Most of the trees in the city forest are deciduous: 67 percent compared to 33 percent coniferous. The distribution of the individual tree species is as follows:

Percentages per species
39 percent
14 percent
Douglas fir
11 percent
9 percent
Colored hardwood
6 percent
5 percent
Spanish chestnut
5 percent
Northern red oak 
3 percent
2 percent
1 percent
Other deciduous
5 percent

Heidelberg city forest concept documents

‘Recreational forest’ concept document leading to achievement of PEFC certification (2015)  #1 (1.135 MB)
Further information on the certification as 'recreational forest'