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City of Heidelberg
(Stadtverwaltung Heidelberg)
Rathaus, Marktplatz 10
69117 Heidelberg
Phone + 49 6221 58-10580
Fax +49 6221 58-10900

City's Administration Offices

(Photo: Diemer)

Getting around

Child-friendly and green

Heidelberg is a city of cyclists. In the city center, with its 120 kilometers of cycle paths, 30 per cent of people prefer to use two wheels. The city was designated a "cyclist-friendly local authority" in 2012, and during 2013 and 2014 is being used as a model under the Baden-Wuerttemberg Transport and Infrastructure Ministry's RadKULTUR initiative, which aims to encourage greater use of bicycles.

Heidelberg is a city of walkers. Distances are short in the city center, and most journeys can be made on foot. To make it easier for parents to leave their car at home and walk with their children, a "Guideline for Child-friendly Transport Planning" was drawn up by the Children and Youth Office in 2006 and has been used ever since as a check-list for all transport planning decisions made by the city authorities. The overriding aim is to ensure that urban and transport planning decisions are family-friendly.

Heidelberg is a city of buses and streetcars. Almost a third of all people in Heidelberg prefer to use public transport to get around the city. In May 2011, the city council approved plans for a Heidelberg Mobility Network – an ambitious project to expand the streetcar network, investing more than 130 million euros in building or upgrading around six miles of track in the city by 2019.

Heidelberg is a city for drivers. Nobody likes being held up by red lights when driving through a city. That is why a special working group has been set up in Heidelberg to look at the scope for introducing a "green wave" system – the city even has its very own "Traffic Light Trouble-shooter"! A dynamic parking guidance system also helps drivers entering the city find an available parking place.