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Opening of the Intercultural Center (Photo: Rothe)

Heidelberg: open to the world
Heidelberg is a cosmopolitan city and has a real culture of welcome and acceptance. Even though the city’s population is becoming more diverse all the time, people feel at home here. 
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City's Administration Offices

Market in Handschuhsheim. (Photo: Diemer)


Feeling at home in Heidelberg

Some 150,000 people live in Heidelberg – including many families and academics who are attracted in particular by the university city’s excellent childcare and educational facilities. This is a highly international “city of knowledge“, with some 45,000 inhabitants originating from around 160 different countries – a figure that compares well with major cities like Cologne, Hamburg or Munich, which have some 180 different nationalities. An impressive 97 per cent of people in Heidelberg say they feel at home in the city.

Heidelberg’s policy is to strengthen these close ties that people feel with their city – and this is helped by the wide range of information available and the many options for participating in the life of the community. The Council for Foreigners and Migrants, the Youth Council, the Advisory Committee for the Disabled – not to mention the tradition of keeping its citizens informed through an informative, detailed and easily-to-understand list of planned projects – ensure that the various different interest groups can bring their influence to bear on municipal politics. The 11.8 million visitors to Heidelberg every year also benefit from the cosmopolitan and welcoming atmosphere in the city.

One of Heidelberg’s attractions is that it has a particularly large proportion of people with a high degree of creative and entrepreneurial potential – and the city has an Officer for Cultural and Creative Affairs who acts as a contact person and encourages their activities.  

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