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City of Heidelberg
(Stadtverwaltung Heidelberg)
Rathaus, Marktplatz 10
69117 Heidelberg
Phone + 49 6221 58-10580
Fax +49 6221 58-10900

City's Administration Offices

In Heidelberg setzen sich viele ehrenamtlich für ein gutes Miteinander ein. (Foto: Anspach)

Living together

Excellent participation

Heidelberg is a city with a caring face – a city in which many inhabitants are involved in voluntary social work. Their contribution is much appreciated and encouraged by the authorities, and every year the city awards medals to individuals who have shown outstanding commitment to the community. There is also a central office for coordinating voluntary work (Koordinierungsstelle Bürgerengagement), and anyone wishing to volunteer can receive free advice at the volunteers' exchange (Freiwilligenbörse).

Heidelberg is a city with an enviable social record – a city in which, according to the latest report, the risk of poverty, at 7.7 per cent, is half the national average. The city authorities have taken a wide range of measures aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible are able to participate in the life of the community. There is, for example, an above-average supply of places at childcare facilities, a comprehensive system of social support in schools, a so-called "Heidelberg Pass", with many concessions for low-earning families, and senior citizens' centers in the various neighborhoods which serve as meeting places for all generations.

Heidelberg is a city of cultural variety and equality of opportunity – a city in which some 45,000 people with a migration background from 160 different countries live and work. The Intercultural Center, which opened its doors in July 2012, is now well established as a place for people to meet and offers those with and without a migration background an opportunity to understand other cultures and contribute towards social integration.

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