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Child care

Balancing family and work

It goes without saying that men and women should be able to reconcile family and working life – and the City of Heidelberg’s policies are aimed at making this possible. Heidelberg works with a wide range of partners to ensure a good balance.

Extensive child care facilities. In conjunction with other institutions and initiatives, Heidelberg offers a flexible, all-embracing range of child care options in all parts of the city. In fact, Heidelberg is a pioneer in the field of the infant care with care available for around 53 per cent of infants. 100 per cent of children under six have a place at a child care facility. In addition, around a third of elementary school children make use of after-school care facilities. The Heidelberg Vacation Program is also unique in the region. You can find an overview of all care services for children between the ages of zero and six, including child minders and vacation care at the "Mein Kind" portal.

International nursery care. Heidelberg is an international city and in addition to German, many parents want their children to learn another language such as English or French from an early age. Around ten international children’s nurseries in the city offer this.

Child minder. A child minder instead of nursery care is another option if a more intimate, family atmosphere is wanted. The City of Heidelberg supports this option as well.