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(Photo Credit: Heidelberg University)

Higher education in Heidelberg

Relevant and globally-aware

Heidelberg offers a wide range of higher education establishments offering numerous practically-oriented courses and programs of study. More than 39,000 students are currently taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the city's ten universities and vocational colleges. Heidelberg University of Education is the second-largest educational institution in the city after the University. Here more than 4,600 students receive instruction in education to international standards.

The SRH University Heidelberg is one of the longest-standing and largest private universities in Germany. For more than 40 years SRH is offering practically-oriented courses.

The College of Jewish Studies (HfJS) is one of the top institutions in Europe in its field. No other European university offers such a wide range of courses in Jewish Studies. The HfJS is run by the Central Council of Jews in Germany and funded by the German government and the individual German federal states. As a state-recognized university, it serves as a partner for dialogue with politicians, media, churches and schools.