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Modern. Progressive. Now.

Digital Heidelberg

A bright future lies ahead

Keywords such as "Smart City", "Digitization" or "Internet of Things" are currently on everyone's lips. Significant amounts of data, sensors and digitally supported communication, will make cities more diverse, viable, efficient, resilient and greener.  Inevitably, they will be more technologically advanced, socially inclusive and, in particular, more networked.

Communication infrastructures strengthen innovative and creative ideas and promote a modern information society. Digitalization, data fusing and networking are therefore a central element of "smart" cities.

Heidelberg on its way to becoming a "Smart City"

A "smart city" implements intelligent solutions for different areas of urban development by means of innovative technologies.

Heidelberg also wants to become a "smart city" and has the best prerequisites to do so. Heidelberg is a frontrunner in many areas - above all in the medical and educational sector.

The Heidelberg University of Education and the SRH University Heidelberg, in particular, prove to be highly competent partners.

However, we do not just want to keep this status: we want to develop it further and improve our city's high quality of life through innovative, digital changes. Due to the digitalization, Heidelberg can further expand and improve its existing offers. Among other things, it can advance the citizens' service and its transparency by accelerating and simplifying administrative procedures.

In this process, Heidelberg is particularly keen to act sustainably and holistically. It also wants to respect and preserve the character and uniqueness of the city.

The City also takes data protection very seriously. The personnel overseeing the freedom of ​​information and Open Data works closely with others in the field of data protection - this ensures the protection of personal data.

Innovative partners

On its way to becoming a "Smart City", Heidelberg can rely on strong and innovative partners. The collaboration with the University of Heidelberg offers the possibility of direct exchange with experts from science and research and enables future-oriented developments. The IBA University of Cooperative Education provides creative impulses and promotes constructive dialogue. Both the new Bahnstadt district and the conversion areas offer space and ideal conditions for realizing the "Smart City" development.


Science and Research (Photo: Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum)


University of Cooperative Education

By 2022, the IBA aims to compile a local and international network of experts and supporters. Digital developments and possibilities are an important part of the IBA projects.
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Conversion areas of Heidelberg (Photo: Diemer)


Shaping change

After the withdrawal of the US Army, Heidelberg has the chance to utilise 180 hectares of space for new (digital) developments. Diverse neighborhoods will be created on the five sites available in the city.
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Bahnstadt district (Photo: Buck)


Investing in sustainability

Bahnstadt is one of the largest urban development projects in Germany. With ​​116 hectares, the new district offers space for housing, research and development.
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Archway of the University (Photo: University of Heidelberg)


Elite university with long tradition

Heidelberg University is Germany’s oldest university and was awarded ‘elite university’ status again in 2012 under Germany’s Excellence in Higher Education initiative. 
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