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Office of Economic Development and Science
(Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung und Wissenschaft)
House of Economic Development, Heiliggeiststraße 12
69117 Heidelberg
Phone + 49 6221 58-30000 and -30001
Fax +49 6221 58-30010

(Photo: Diemer)

Working in Heidelberg

Coveted and creative

Unsurprisingly for a city that is home to Germany’s oldest university, jobs in Heidelberg have a strong connection to sciences. Along with the university hospital, the university is the city’s biggest employer. But Heidelberg’s economic dynamism is also derived from a strong SME sector and the presence of major corporations such as Heidelberg Cement, Heidelberger Druck, SAS, MLP, as well as various research-based companies. The city offers strong support to the SME sector, with targeted promotional programs and individual support from an SME special adviser. A cultural and creative officer looks after the creative and artistic side.

(Photo: Diemer)

Heidelberg as a business location

Top-level research

Heidelberg has a strong track record in science and research. Of some 82,000 people in full-time jobs, 61 per cent work in the knowledge-intensive services sector.
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Team of the business support department (Photo: Arndt)

Economic support

Contact point for questions

The business support department is the contact point for companies, tradesmen, investors, start-up founders, the self-employed and scientists.
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German Cancer Research Center. (Photo: M. Müller, DKFZ)

Technology Park

Driving force for science

Heidelberg Technology Park is one of the most important centers for biotechnology research in Germany, and a top location worldwide.
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Trainees of the City of Heidelberg (Photo: Rothe)

 Labor market

Training is everything

The unemployment rate in Heidelberg is lower than 5 per cent. The city has projects especially targeted at young people and job-seekers.
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