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City of Heidelberg
(Stadtverwaltung Heidelberg)
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69117 Heidelberg
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Award winner

Heidelberg wins accolades

Almost every year, Heidelberg wins awards for its activities in a wide range of areas. Without strong partners, these would not be possible.

Representative awards won by Heidelberg2018 Heidelberg has been awarded as Digitale Zukunftskommune@bw for its landmark project concerning new digital public services. For its activities in nature protection, Heidelberg has been chosen as project in the UN Decade on Biodiversity. 2017 Heidelberg won the 'Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen' competition in Berlin - the '#getthemayor' campaign was an innovative approach in civic involvement. 2016 Heidelberg claimed the prestigious 'Press Office of the Year' award for its exemplary communication concerning refugees: "people on the run".  The City received the People’s Choice Award at the “South by Southwest“-Festival in the US for the '#getthemayor' campaign. 2015 Heidelberg received the Global Green City Award at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. Annually, this award honors at least one city that has contributed to sustainable development.

Heidelberg also confers awards on others: Civic involvement is highly valued in the city and recognition is given in the form of citizens’ medals, citizens’ badges, the Richard Benz Medal or the freedom of the city. The federal state and central government also recognize service to the larger community.

The city also promotes literature, for example by awarding the Clemens Brentano Prize, worth 10,000 euros, to German-speaking authors. The Hilde-Domin-Preis for literature in exile, worth 15,000 euros, is awarded every three years and dates back to Hilde Domin (1909to 2006), who was a freeman of the city.

Sustainable projects: Every two years since 2005, Heidelberg has also awarded an Environmental Prize worth 5,000 euros for sustainable projects.