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Heidelberg and its Bahnstadt - International Hotspot für Science and Research

Students in front of the university (Photo: City of Heidelberg)

Study & Research in Heidelberg

A long tradition and high standards

Heidelberg is a city of science and has been for many years. Germany’s oldest university city has ten higher education establishments and over 38,000 students. Education starts at an early age: Heidelberg has the country’s best childcare provisions. Its universities are also world-beaters: academic staff based here have won no fewer than 56 Nobel prizes. As recently as June 2012, Heidelberg University was again awarded ‘elite establishment’ status under Germany’s Excellence in Higher Education initiative. An impressive one in three of all Heidelbergers have a university qualification

Torbogen der Alten Universität. (Universität Heidelberg)


Elite university with long tradition

Heidelberg University is Germany’s oldest university and was awarded ‘elite university’ status again in 2012 under Germany’s Excellence in Higher Education initiative.
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Higher education

High-quality study programs

Heidelberg has many higher education institutions, offering students world-beating education in an inspiring setting. 
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(Foto: Buck)


A leader in early learning

Around 55% of all children under three living in Heidelberg have a place in a childcare facility, a top position in Baden-Württemberg. 
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In der Kategorie schulisches Lernen liegt Heidelberg vorne. (Foto: Dorn)


Schools champion Heidelberg

Research by a leading social foundation, the Bertelsmann-Stiftung, recently found that Heidelberg’s school provision is the best in the entire country.
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(Quelle: DKFZ; Foto: P. Rudolph)


Innovative and international

Heidelberg’s research sector leads the world and makes a vital contribution to the development of German society.
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(Foto: C. Föhr, MPI für Kernphysik)

Knowledge transfer

Networked and diverse

Heidelberg’s cross-disciplinary research centers have a global reputation. The city is at the forefront of life science research. 
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Cities of the future

What will the 'science city' of the future look like? Heidelberg’s International Building Exhibition (IBA) points the way.
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