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(Photo: Diemer)

What to see

Favorite places in Heidelberg

Nothing is very far away in Heidelberg – and there are so many sights to discover and experience!   

(Foto: Diemer)


What to see

Heidelberg Castle and the extensive castle gardens are a magnet for visitors and the city’s top attraction. Walk up one of the many paths – or take the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Path) you have a breathtaking view of the city, the castle, the river and the surrounding hills.

Back in the city you will find a huge variety of historic buildings, impressive memorials and elaborate fountains, all of which have fascinating tales to tell. Enter the old town and you find yourself embarking on a journey back through history. 

The Heidelberg skyline is dominated by church spires that tower above the houses. But the town’s churches and monasteries are not just impressive from the outside – it is also well worth taking a look inside. 

As you stroll through Heidelberg you will also be tempted to stop off in some of the many public squares and gardens – little oases of green that are popular meeting places for people of all ages.