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Administrative offices

Mini town halls

Shorter waiting times. From residence permits to passport and ID card applications or vehicle registration – each administrative office (Bürgeramt) acts as a one-stop shop, offering locals a comprehensive, personal service. Questions related to building control and residential affairs are still dealt with separately by the Technisches Bürgeramt.

Flexible service. From Monday through Friday, people can have their affairs dealt with by any of the offices within the city – even if they live in another district. By making an appointment, the visit to the office can be made much easier and the waiting time can be reduced.
With the "Virtual Citizens' Office", many of the services provided by the Citizens' Office can even be completed conveniently from home via video chat. A host of online services and forms can also be used at home or if you are away from the city.

Special emergency services. If you urgently need a passport in an emergency, it is possible to be issued with a temporary travel document by the Federal Police at border crossing points or airports. You can find out about this service at www.bundespolizei.de or make a free phone call to 0800 6888000.

Your local administrative office

Please note: From now on, appointments for every administrative office must be made in advance at termin.heidelberg.de or by phone at 5813333. This will optimize processes and shorten waiting times. For urgent and spontaneous matters, two branch offices are open each working day, even without an appointment.