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Review of the year 2020 in Heidelberg

Sustainable development goals: A global city platform under the aegis of the united nations, founded in Heidelberg

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Lord Mayor Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner (Photo: Hentschel)
Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner
Rathaus, Marktplatz 10
69117 Heidelberg
Phone +49 6221 58-20100/20110

Projects and goals

Continuing to drive Heidelberg’s development

Recent years have seen Heidelberg develop positively in many spheres.

  • Heidelberg has an efficient, responsive administration and a vibrant cultural life. 
  • Heidelberg is an attractive city to live in – a city in which young and old can feel at home.
  • Heidelberg is above all also a city that appreciates its beautiful setting and has earned international plaudits for its environmental activities 

All this we intend to preserve and further develop.

Over the next few years I intend to further promote the development of Heidelberg with forward-looking policies and make it into a tolerant and cosmopolitan city for all its inhabitants – as well as for our guests. 

These will be priorities in my approach to the city’s development:

  • If Heidelberg is to develop further and prepare itself for the future, we need young people and young families in our city.
    That is why I support a family policy aimed at ensuring an excellent education for children and young people, affordable places to live and good childcare provisions.  More flexible opening hours, support for alternative care provisions and all-day schools are at the top of the list. I want Heidelberg to be a family-friendly city in which children have scope to grow up in a happy and secure environment.
  • Heidelberg must remain a city worth living in, a city in which people feel at home and can thrive.
    Heidelberg is a manageable size, with a pleasant climate, a university and world-class research institutes, together with a host of cultural establishments. There are also a large number of clubs and events offering facilities for sporting activities and social contacts. I intend to promote these as well. 
  • I intend to position Heidelberg even more clearly as a city of science and a business-friendly city.
    One important priority is to actively take steps to make the city attractive for small and medium-size enterprises.  Only by strengthening businesses will we be able to meet tomorrow’s challenges and create a sound financial basis for realizing important projects. A particular role here is played by the future Bahnstadt District. Here we have to use the opportunity to develop Heidelberg as a center for science and persuade research companies linked to the university to establish themselves in the new district. 
  • Another important factor for quality of urban life is a traffic policy that offers attractive choices and avoids bans wherever possible. This calls for expert traffic management that integrates pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport and car drivers on an equal footing.
  • Protecting the environment remains a priority for Heidelberg. 
    Also in my role as mayor this is an issue that is particularly close to my heart. We have already achieved a lot but we must not cease to work on saving energy, making business more sustainable and promoting renewable energy sources. Climate change is a global development, but above all it is a local challenge. When it comes to protecting the climate, Heidelberg can make an important contribution towards global environmental protection and ensure that future generations enjoy an environment that is worth living in. 
  • Only a financially healthy city can invest in its future.  
     Forward planning and a healthy city balance sheet are required to drive dynamic development. If we want to compete successfully with other cities and secure our future, we have to be able to invest. The city’s infrastructure, with schools, kindergartens, streets and squares worthy of the name, as well as the promotion of culture, sport, the environment, education and social facilities – all these rely on sufficient financial resources. That is why we are creating favorable conditions for Heidelberg companies to flourish. Only successful businesses can secure jobs and generate important corporation tax revenue for the local authorities. 
  • In addition to all this I aim to continue to develop Heidelberg into a lively city and transform the old town into a vibrant center with an attractive promenade on the banks of the River Neckar and urban squares that are an invitation to relax.