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Heidelberg Marketing GmbH
Neuenheimer Landstraße 5
69120 Heidelberg
Phone +49 6221 58-40200


Calendar of Events
You want to know which events are taking place in Heidelberg?

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The Old Bridge and the Bridge Gate (Photo: Diemer)

Package tours

Many ways to approach Heidelberg

Whether you are traveling alone, in a group or as a family – the packages on offer from Heidelberg Marketing have something to suit all tastes.  

Group offers cover organized travel to Heidelberg as well as individual excursions and guided tours for groups of all sizes.  
If you are traveling alone, there are special individual packages that include city tours, walks and many other activities. We can draw up a personalized travelplan that meets all your expectations.
If you prefer a more organized trip, we offer all-in packages that still allow you enough space for your individual wishes during your stay. These are usually offered in connection with specific major events or as Summer/WinterSpecials.
If you book an all-in package you will automatically receive a HeidelbergCARD enabling you to travel free-of-charge on public transport in the city. You are also given an entry ticket to the Castle that includes a round trip on the funicular railroad, as well as many other concessions.
The HeidelbergCard can, of course, also be purchased by individual travelers from one of the many sales points. And families with children can also benefit from the advantages it offers.