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Aerial view of the Campbell Barracks (Picture: Sommer)

Campbell Barracks & Mark Twain Village

The Campell Barracks in the early 1950s. (Picture: US-Army Germany)
The Campell Barracks in the early 1950s. (Picture: US-Army Germany)

Campbell Barracks and Mark Twain Village are situated on either side of Römerstrasse in Heidelberg’s Südstadt district. Covering an area of 43.4 hectares, they occupy around a quarter of the district’s total area. Links for motorized private transportation are excellent thanks to the inner-city location. The same is true for local public transportation, with connections to the bus, tram and urban rail network.

The historic Campbell Barracks buildings to the west of Römerstrasse are part of the former “Greater German Barracks”, built in the late 1930s and taken over by the US Army in 1945. Campbell Barracks have always been of great military importance. They once housed the headquarters of the US armed forces in Europe and of the ground forces of NATO. Most of the barracks are now under heritage protection. Construction work on Mark Twain Village began in 1948. The residential complex extends along both sides of Römerstrasse. The first new residents moved into the renovated dwellings in the southeast of the district in summer 2016.


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