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Diagram of the open-air workshop for the Hospital planning (Illustration: Hähnig-Gemmecke/Fromm)

US Hospital

The former US Hospital is situated in the south of the Rohrbach district. Here, there are plans to develop a new urban quarter on the 9-hectare redevelopment site. In particular, the site will provide new and varied living space for different market segments. Development of the Hospital site is also intended to give a positive impetus to neighboring quarters, in particular to the adjacent Hasenleiser housing area.

Buildings on the site’s southwest border. (Photo: Sommer)
Buildings on the site’s southwest border. (Photo: Sommer)

The site plan is currently being processed. In addition, purchase negotiations are currently ongoing with the German Federal Institute Real Estate Agency (BimA), the current owners of the redevelopment site. A resolution on the draft of the site plan will be adopted in the fall of 2018. The municipal council adopted a framework plan to develop the US Hospital redevelopment site in May 2017. In addition to living space, this plan provides for offices, services, cultural, social, educational and public facilities, as well as commercial units. A dominant feature at the heart of the site will be a 7,000-square-meter park. Existing historic and heritage-protected buildings will be integrated into the concept as identifying features and “witnesses of the past”. These buildings will be used for public or community purposes. The current planning process was linked to a multi-phase citizen participation program.

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