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Heidelberg Conventions
Neue Schloßstraße 4
69117 Heidelberg
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A new conference hall (Photo: DEGELO)

Meetings and conferences

Heidelberg as a venue

70 per cent of overnight stays in Heidelberg are made by business travelers, who enjoy this university city with its rich history, cultural traditions and enviable reputation in economics and science. The city regularly hosts academic meetings and conferences.

The Heidelberg Convention Center hosts not only classical concerts, music shows and other major events – it is also a venue for innovation fairs, AGMs and conferences organized by major global corporations.
Heidelberg’s conference hotels are ideal places to hold smaller-scale conferencesand meetings. With their excellent facilities they guarantee a smooth-running event for participants.  
If you need help planning a conference or meeting, the Business Service provided by Heidelberg Marketing GmbH is on hand to arrange venues, shuttle services, catering and other provisions – all tailored to your particular needs. Clients highly appreciate of this comprehensive support package. 
Heidelberg also offers plenty of different ways to round off a strenuous day of business meetings. To help you choose, we have put together some ideas on evening and leisure activities under supplementary programs.