Bahnstadt - vision turn reality


Bahnstadt is a vision turn reality for an entirely clean energy city district. Built entirely to passive house standards, households in this neighborhood need only a fraction of energy compared to those in the old city center. CO2 savings exceed 50%, and heating energy needs have been reduced by 75%. The remainder of electricity needed is produced in a climate-neutral wood-fired power plant. A heat reservoir is currently under construction, which will provide additional storage optimization and use of clean energy produced on site.

Bahnstadt is the largest passive house development in the world, and compensates for higher energy use levels in the city’s historic center. The city center’s potential for energy savings, while improvable, is limited.

Lessons learned through Bahnstadt development (with expected completion in 2022) are already implemented to further other urban development projects.

Energy-saving streetlamps, expansion of public transport, optimization of modal split, use of rain water, open-space concepts for water accummulation, district heating, car sharing, bike highways, and new ideas for kids playgrounds all originate from Bahnstadt, Heidelberg’s 100% climate neutral city district. Even municipal plans for energy production optimization such as communal heating stations, solar installations, hydroelectricity, and now the heat reservoir were conceived under the auspices of Bahnstadt. 

After winning the passive house award for Bahnstadt, Heidelberg has committed itself to building all new developments to passive house standards city-wide. It is plain to see that one plan alone has led to the development of dozens of new projects and identified synergies throughout the city.

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