The Mark Twain Center

Mark Twain Center in the making (photo: Wenzel)

Commemoration, research and culture 

With its three pillars of commemoration, research and culture and the combination of local history and discussion of issues of importance for the future of transatlantic relations, the MTC is in a unique position.


A look into the exhibition (photo: Mark-Twain-Center)

The permanent exhibition "Join the Story" has been on display since almost a year now at the MTC. The large multimedia show brings history to life on 900 square meters. Using Heidelberg as an example, it shows how the historically close ties between Germans and Americans have developed over the past 200 years.

Special exhibition


Picturing the Pandemic

The global pandemic has dramatically changed all of our lives.
How did you experience the Covid19 pandemic?
What are the consequences of the pandemic for you personally and for our society?
Join us! 
We welcome image submissions for our new exhibition project through March 26, 2023