The Mark Twain Center

Mark Twain Center in the making (photo: Wenzel)

Commemoration, research and culture 

With its three pillars of commemoration, research and culture and the combination of local history and discussion of issues of importance for the future of transatlantic relations, the MTC is in a unique position

Permanent exhibition

A look into the exhibition (photo: Mark-Twain-Center)

On our grand opening on May 22, we presented  for the first time the new multimedia presentation on transatlantice relations, "Join the Story".

Many interested people came to celebrate with us and to visit the exhibition.

Special exhibition

Plakat The Kenminer Review (Marie Marcks)

Auf den Punkt gebracht. 100 Jahre Marie Marcks

Restrospective on the 100th birthday of the Heidelberg illustrator and caricaturist.

Exhibition opening on 21 october, 2022