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Abteilung Geschäftsstelle Sitzungsdienste
City Hall, Marktplatz 10
69117 Heidelberg
Phone +49 6221 58-10010

Important information
All administrative buildings and particular communal institutions in Heidelberg are closed and there's only service in very urgent cases. Please note, that wearing a mask is obligatory in all administrative buildings. For more information about the current situation in Heidelberg and important contacts, please visit: www.heidelberg.de/coronavirus.

City Council

Working together

Seats in the City Council.

Representing the people. The City Council is the most important political institution in Heidelberg and is responsible for deciding on the budget, programs and projects, such as the development of the Bahnstadt district, the Family Campaign or the upgrading of schools. The City Council both initiates and monitors programs.

The next Heidelberg City Council is due to be elected in 2024.

As diverse as the city itself. The following are represented in the Council: Green Party (16 seats), CDU (7 seats), SPD (7 seats), Heidelberger (3 seats), Left Wing (3 seats), FDP (3 seats), GAL (2 seats), AfD (2 seats), Colorful Left (2 seats), FWV (1 seat), "Die Partei" (1 seat), "Heidelberg in Bewegung" (1 seat). The chair of the City Council, represented with one seat, is the Mayor Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner.

Documents online. The people of Heidelberg can find out about the work of the City Council, its committees and the district councils by going online. Submissions, enquiries, decisions and minutes of individual meetings can be downloaded in advance as PDFs. Every year, more than 100 meetings of the City Council and its committees take place.

Municipal companies. 48 honorary city councilors also exert an influence on the city’s development through their membership of the supervisory and administrative boards of municipal companies, such as the real estate company Gesellschaft für Grund- und Hausbesitz mbH (GGH), Stadtwerke Heidelberg (city utilities) or Heidelberg Marketing. The City Council also lays down the basic principles for the work of the administration and determines and monitors its work.