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Office of Enviromental Protection, Trade Supervision and Energy
(Amt für Umweltschutz, Gewerbeaufsicht und Energie)
Prinz Carl, Kornmarkt 1
69117 Heidelberg
Telefon +49 6221 58-18000/18010

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Environment & sustainability

Consistently green and clean

Heidelberg is active. Concern for the environment and climate has a long tradition in Heidelberg. Over the decades, together with its many network partners, the city has established a reputation as a center of environment and sustainability. In 1992, Heidelberg was the first city in Germany to introduce a municipal climate protection concept. At the moment, the world‘s largest passive-house project is under construction in Heidelberg's new district "Bahnstadt", which received the international Passive House Award as Passive House Region of the year 2014. In addition, Heidelberg has already received the European Sustainable City Award twice and is one of the model municipalities involved in the "Master Plan for 100% Climate Protection" of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. In 2015 Heidelberg was honored with the Global Green City Award at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. In May 2019 the City of Heidelberg hosted the two-day international climate conference ICCA2019.

Heidelberg is consistent: Ecological aspects take center stage in Heidelberg whenever it comes to nurturing the local flora and fauna – within the framework of the city’s biodiversity plan or in the biotope networking program, for example. Home insulation or rainwater usage measures are supported through funding programs. And: Heidelberg is educating the next generation. The Education for Sustainable Development program is designed to teach children from an early age how their behavior effects the environment; and the popular series of events titled "Natürlich Heidelberg" ("Heidelberg…naturally") teaches parents and children the importance of nature and environment protection.

Heidelberg is clean: This is the result of cooperation. On the one hand, the city provides not only a hotline to answer any questions residents may have concerning cleanliness or garbage, but also a comprehensive and reliable garbage disposal and city cleaning service with comparatively low charges. On the other hand, the residents demonstrate the strength of their commitment in community action events, such as the spring clean and by carefully separating their garbage. This, in turn, contributes to sustainable recycling: Heidelberg's organic waste is turned into high-quality compost.

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