Living in Bahnstadt

People at Langer Anger (Photo: Rothe)

Cosmopolitan, vibrant, central: The Bahnstadt district builds on Heidelberg’s traditional strengths with modern means.

The new quarter generates a high quality of life from an attractive mix of living and working, science and culture.

Research and business

Skylabs courtyard (Photo: Buck)

Bahnstadt offers an ideal environment for science and industry.

State-of-the-art laboratories and offices on the central Bahnstadt campus create space for ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to flourish.

Bahnstadt trail

Bahnstadtpromenade (Photo: Buck)

Why is Bahnstadt a model for sustainable building? Why is the children’s daycare facility like an island? Where do the Bahnstadt lizards live?

Explore and learn the answers to these and many other questions on an audiovisual journey through the Bahnstadt district.