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Poster: Together against Corona (City of Heidelberg)

Together against Corona.
With a poster campaign, the city of Heidelberg invites citizens to adhere to the call of the federal government and to stay at home. Please feel free to download, print and hang up the poster in your house or store: download poster (542.2 KB)

Important information
The city of Heidelberg stepwise opens up administrative buildings and particular communal institutions. All local administrative offices are open for public from 20th april. read more

For more information about the current situation in Heidelberg and important contacts, please visit: www.heidelberg.de/coronavirus.

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Living in Heidelberg

Two women sitting in a coffee shop in the Old Town (Photo: Dorn)

Heidelberg is home to around 160,000 people. The locals appreciate its world-renowned beauty and idyllic setting on the river Neckar at the heart of the 'Rhine-Neckar Triangle', but what they value most is the quality of life that the city offers. This cosmopolitan, friendly, people-oriented and vibrant university city is made up of 15 distinct neighborhoods and is particularly attractive to families, students, those in the creative industries, business people, and academics and researchers. And people genuinely feel at home here: in recent surveys, no fewer than 98 percent of all Heidelbergers said they loved living in the city.
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The City Hall - A one-stop shop for local services

City Hall in Heidelberg (Photo: Diemer)

Heidelberg City Hall ('Rathaus') is located right on the bustling Market Square against the backdrop of the historic Old Town, the world-famous Castle ruins and the banks of the river Neckar. It is the focal point for local politics and the headquarters of the city's administrative services. For residents of the Old Town, it is also their local municipal headquarters, the 'little city hall', as it is known: each neighborhood has one, so locals do not have to travel too far for help and advice. It is a people-oriented approach to local government that is also reflected in a comprehensive range of online services, regular consultations with the Mayor, a variety of different policymaking bodies and, last but not least, Heidelberg's approach to encouraging residents to become involved in local affairs.
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Study & Research in Heidelberg

Dr. rer. nat. Cecilia Scorza de Appl (Photo: Buck)

Heidelberg is a city of science and has been for many years. Germany’s oldest university city has ten higher education establishments and over 38,000 students. Education starts at an early age: Heidelberg has the country’s best childcare provisions. Its universities are also world-beaters: academic staff based here have won no fewer than 56 Nobel prizes. As recently as June 2012, Heidelberg University was again awarded ‘elite establishment’ status under Germany’s Excellence in Higher Education initiative. An impressive one in three of all Heidelbergers have a university qualification.
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Working in Heidelberg

Man at work (Photo: Diemer)

Unsurprisingly for a city that is home to Germany’s oldest university, jobs in Heidelberg have a strong connection to sciences. Along with the university hospital, the university is the city’s biggest employer. But Heidelberg’s economic dynamism is also derived from a strong SME sector and the presence of major corporations such as Heidelberg Cement, Heidelberger Druck, SAS, MLP, as well as various research-based companies. The city offers strong support to the SME sector, with targeted promotional programs and individual support from an SME special adviser. A cultural and creative officer looks after the creative and artistic side.
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Experience Heidelberg - A vibrant pocket-sized city

Stadtfest Heidelberger Herbst: Blick aufs Heidelberger Schloss vom Kornmarkt mit Menschenmenge am Abend  (Foto: Dittmer)

Whether you're eating and drinking, shopping or enjoying the cultural scene and leisure facilities, you can't fail to pick up on the vibrancy of this compact city. The international music festival 'Heidelberg Spring' ('Heidelberger Frühling') caters for all classical and contemporary music tastes, while the international literary festival is a 'must' for all book-lovers, and the theatre in the Old Town offers the full range of music, drama and dance performances. The building itself reopened in 2012, following an extensive renovation and expansion made possible by the unprecedented commitment of private individuals across Germany. Of course, Heidelberg caters for the body as well as the mind, offering sports facilities and opportunities for relaxation in the surrounding countryside as well as hugely popular town and neighborhood festivals.
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Visit Heidelberg - Favorite destination in Germany

Heidelberg Castle (Photo: Diemer)

Whether you come to Heidelberg on business or as a visitor, you will find it is a city that - in the words of J.W. Goethe, one of Germany's greatest writers - has "something ideal" about it. Asked to name their favorite destination in Germany, visitors from abroad consistently choose Heidelberg Castle. And no fewer than 11.8 million people come to Heidelberg every year, drawn by the historical flair of this university city, with its stunning setting, wide range of activities, superb shopping, and restaurants to meet every taste. It is a dynamic city that is constantly developing – in terms of architecture, business activities and ideas.
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Immigration - Help for new arrivals

An official giving advice to a new arrival (Photo: Dorn)

Heidelberg is popular among residents both old and new. Of its 150,000 residents – who come from 160 different countries – 56,000 have a migration background, some of them receiving an official “certificate of naturalization” from the city. By clicking on the links below you can access a wide range of information about moving to Germany and Heidelberg. If you have questions or need more personalized advice, the administrative offices(Bürgerämter) in the various districts of the city are there to help.
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The City - Heidelberg is beautiful

Castle and Old City  (Photo: Diemer)

Heidelberg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The picturesque ensemble of the castle, the Old Town, and the river Neckar surrounded by hills, which inspired the poets and artists of romanticism, still fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world today. But there's more to Heidelberg than romanticism.
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Urban planning and development - A City on the Move

Citizen participation in the Südstadt (Foto: Rothe)

Heidelberg is growing: The city’s new Bahnstadt is rapidly taking shape. This modern, centrally located urban district has the world’s largest concentration of passive housing and is proving a popular place to live and work. Heidelberg is developing. The huge potential of this university city is demonstrated by the Heidelberg International Building Exhibition. One flagship project of IBA is the development of Patrick Henry Village to an urban district which meets all requirements of a modern city in the future.  
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Heidelberg is Unesco City of Literature

Stack of books on the Old Bridge (Photo: Dorn)

In Heidelberg, literature is omnipresent. Taking a walk through the city, one finds publishing houses, bookshops and libraries around every corner. Taking a look at the vibrant scene of writers, translators and theatre life, one discovers a high level of literary productiveness. No day without literary event, no summer without literary festival, no year without literary award winners. Literature is literally everywhere. Looking into the future, Heidelberg will continue to do anything to further strengthen literature. Since Dezember 1st 2014 the city is UNESCO City of Literature within UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network.
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Award winner: Heidelberg wins accolades

Global Green City Award 2015 awarded by the organization "Global Forum on Human Settlements" and the United Nations Environment Programme (Photo: City of Heidelberg)

Almost every year, Heidelberg wins awards for its activities in a wide range of areas. Without strong partners, these would not be possible. Awards won by Heidelberg: In 2016 Heidelberg was awarded People’s Coice Award during “South by Southwest“-Festival in the US for the innovative campaign for public participation called #Getthemayor. Also since 2016 “Geo-Naturepark Bergstraße Odenwald” can call itself world class as it was nominated by UNESCO Global as geopark. The year before, in 2015,Heidelberg received the Global Green City Award at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. Annually, this award honors at least one city that has contributed to sustainable development. In addition to that, Heidelberg was given a certificate for its city forest which is now officially named "amenity woodland". In 2014, Heidelberg became UNESCO City of Literature and Heideberg's new district Bahnstadt received the international Passive House Award as Passive House Region of the Year.
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