Uwe Wenzel Ph.D (Photo: City of Heidelberg)

Uwe Wenzel Ph.D

Director of the Mark Twain Center for Transatlantic relations

Since 2018 Dr. Wenzel has overseen the process of setting up the newly established Mark Twain Center for Transatlantic Relations (MTC) in Heidelberg. His role includes developing and leading research and exhibition projects that focus on the special relationship between the city of Heidelberg and the USA. He is also in charge of organizing an educational and cultural program on topical aspects of transatlantic relations.

Dr. Wenzel gained his PhD from the University of Frankfurt/Main with a thesis on interest group coalitions in the USA, and has taught on political science and American studies programs at Chemnitz University and the University of Freiburg. His published academic work covers topics including political representation of ethnic minorities, racism and ethnicity, and migration policy.

Between 2001 and 2008 Dr. Wenzel worked as a lobbyist for the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, the largest organization for this minority in Germany, representing their interests to international human rights organizations. Following this he organized educational programs for young people for the State of Baden-Württemberg. From 2015 he developed and delivered projects for a number of Federal and State ministries to support migrants in obtaining vocational and academic qualifications. In addition to his work as Director of the MTC he lectures in political science at Heidelberg University and the University of Kaiserslautern.