In the following we present urban development projects steering our city’s evolvement as a whole, including community; economic, cultural, and ecological developments.

City planning demands an interdisciplinary, integrated, and future-oriented approach. Urban development in Heidelberg has been strongly influenced by social trends, challenges of demographic change, globalization, keeping communities together and real sustainability at the local level. New forms of participation and inclusion have also played an integral role in bringing about a strong consensus in the consciousness of residents. All measures are aimed at a future-oriented habitat worth living in - within the framework of long-term sustainability and in accordance with local population needs.

城市规划要求跨行业、融合性的及以未来为导向的路径。海德堡的城市发展已经受到 社会潮流、人口结构变化、全球化的强烈影响,但仍力图团结各社区,在本地水平上实现真正的可持续性。同样,新的参与及融入形式也在凝聚居民共识中扮演了关键角色。所有的发展措施都指向一个未来的宜居地 — 统一在长期可持续发展、并与本地居民的需求相适应的框架中。
Old city center of Heidelberg (Photo: Diemer)
Heidelberg has always been aware of its limited resources; city tax revenues are lower than those of industrial cities, and the university, clinics, and research institutions all contribute to increasing demand for living space.

Heidelberg’s initiative to cautiously develop into a city of the future started back in the 1970’s. Heidelberg’s population grew steadily thanks largely to refugees following the World Wars. The end of the Second World War saw the emergence of three new districts which were developed to the fullest extent. Fill in development in already urbanized areas could no longer keep up with the demand for living space.

At the same time, Heidelberg engaged in renovating the historic city center, the largest collection of renaissance architecture in West Germany.

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