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District Councils

Close to the grass roots. Nobody knows a city district better than the people who live there. Heidelberg’s district councilors have been contributing their expertise and creative ideas to the planning process in the city’s districts for 25 years.

210 honorary representatives provide advice and support to the city administration, City Council and Mayor.

The members of the 15 district councils are nominated by the political parties and confirmed by the City Council.

Equal rights. Projects related to specific districts are usually discussed first in the district council, prior to the City Council making a decision. Each District Council can call in experts and hold hearings of those affected by the project. The District Council assesses the project from the point of view of the district it represents and then makes its recommendations to the City Council. In the case of important issues, the chair of the meeting – Heidelberg's Mayor or one of his four deputies – has the casting vote.  

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