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Location for science


Covering an area of around 22 hectares, Heidelberg’s newest district offers state-of-the-art areas and spaces for knowledge-based companies and research facilities – for example in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, biology, ICT, and energy and environmental sciences.

Up to 6,000 jobs have been created in Bahnstadt, which enjoys outstanding links to the surrounding area thanks to its proximity to the main railway station and city center.

Location benefits

View from the air (Photo: Sommer)

Excellent connections, short distances, energy-efficient buildings and many green areas.

Bahnstadt offers ideal conditions for science-based companies and scientific institutes.

Location for science

scientist at work (Photo: Dittmer)

The university city of Heidelberg is a global science hotspot.

Few locations can boast so many of the world’s leading universities and scientific institutes in such close proximity.

Technology Park

Conference center of Technology Park (Photo: Arndt/ Technologiepark)

Several biotech and high-tech companies conduct research and development activities in close proximity to one another on the Bahnstadt Campus and the Heidelberg Technology Park’s Czernyring.

The conditions are ideal for research facilities and research-oriented companies.

Leading-edge cluster

Scientists (Photo: Diemer)

Organic electronics is seen as a future technology with enormous growth potential.

The research and transfer platform InnovationLab GmbH organizes the leading-edge cluster Forum Organic Electronics based in Bahnstadt.

SkyLabs and SkyAngle

Skylabs Courtyard (Photo: Buck)

The heart of the Bahnstadt Campus was set up by the not-for-profit foundation Max-Jarecki-Heidelberg-Stiftung.

The distinctive SkyLabs and SkyAngle buildings house state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities.


Panel at Technology Park (Photo: Technology Park)

Bahnstadt brings together many international companies and organizations for the purposes of research and development.

They value the benefits of this top location, as do investors and academics.