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Research and business

With its central location in the university city of Heidelberg and at the heart of the Rhine-Neckar economic powerhouse, Bahnstadt provides an ideal environment for both business and science. Research institutes and science-based companies have optimum conditions to flourish in the new district. With its pioneering architecture, the Bahnstadt campus is a case in point. With around 6,800 jobs and almost as many residents, the district is also an attractive location for retailers and service providers – as is shown by the high demand for commercial premises.


Skylabs courtyard (Photo: Buck)

Typically Heidelberg: Bahnstadt is home to many research companies and institutes.

Many organizations operating in the field of future technologies have located here to benefit from the excellent infrastructure.

Business and trades

farmer´s market (Photo: Buck)

Well connected, well designed, and well frequented – Bahnstadt is a desirable location.

The district’s appeal is valued as much by trade and commerce as it is by knowledge-based and research-oriented companies.