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Business and trades

The vibrant interplay of living, working, business, and culture makes Bahnstadt an attractive environment for trade and commerce. The district is an outstanding business location with its excellent transport links, well-conceived infrastructure and well-qualified labor force – a hallmark of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Almost all existing commercial premises in the Bahnstadt district are already let. Planned projects and those under construction are meeting with a high level of interest among retailers and service providers and pre-letting rates are good. Over a dozen companies, including a research facility, bicycle store and bakery, have already settled in the district – and their numbers are rising. Various projects are currently under development.

Research-oriented companies

Scientist (Photo: Diemer)

Various research-oriented companies have their headquarters in Bahnstadt.

These companies find ideal conditions on the Bahnstadt campus, with its sister buildings SkyLabs and SkyAngle.


Farmer´s market (Photo: Buck)

Over 10,000 people will live and work in Bahnstadt in the future.

The new district offers an attractive environment for the retail and service industries.

Hotels and restaurants

Café in Bahnstadt (Photo: Buck)

Welcome to Bahnstadt, with its exciting range of dining and leisure opportunities.

The district is already justifiably popular for its hotels, restaurants and numerous cafés.

“Westarkaden” shopping center

Visualization of Westarkaden (Visualisation: Unmüßig GmbH)

Short distances is also the principle behind the “Westarkaden” shopping center.

The complex is scheduled for completion by late 2019. In addition to shops and supermarkets, there will also be apartments.

Stadttor Ost

Stadttor (Photo: Buck)

From summer 2018, the “Stadttor Ost” building will mark the eastern gateway to Bahnstadt.

The distinctive double building will contain offices, flats and commercial premises.