Climate Protection


From early on, Heidelberg has pioneered cities of climate protection and resource conscious energy production. In 1991, Heidelberg became the first major German city to pass its own climate protection concept. 

Twenty percent CO2 savings by 2005 was an ambitious goal at the time. Further plans and projects were announced 2015 in the city development plan, concentrating on sustainability goals across a broad spectrum. This resulted in Heidelberg being identified as a federal model city for “Masterplan 100% climate protection”.

Two unforeseen opportunities were and are being utilized to further Heidelberg’s development: the abandoned old freight rail yard near the city center has enabled the development of an entirely new district to be realizable. American forces moving out of their longtime base has also freed up significant areas both within and along the parameter of the city. 

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海德堡很早就在气候保护及资源节约型能源供应方面取得了领先地位。 1991年,海德堡成为德国第一个确立自己的气候保护理念的重要城市。

一个在当时颇有雄心的目标是:二氧化碳排放量至2005年减少20%。 2015年,海德堡城市发展计划中公布了进一步的计划和项目,重点关注广阔维度上的可持续发展。 海德堡也因此被授予“总体规划----100%气候保护”的联邦模范城市。



The polar bear is a mascot of the climate protection campain (photo: city of Heidelberg)