Heidelbergs international cooperation


Heidelberg has received many awards for efforts towards achieving sustainability on the national and international level. Heidelberg does not see itself as an independent party. National and international cooperation on numerous committees and organizations is just as second nature to us as our active city partnerships 海德堡因在国家和国际层面实现可持续发展所做的努力而获得了许多奖项。海德堡从不自认为是一个独立的团体。和诸多委员会及组织开展国内和国际间的合作是我们的第二天性。这正与我们在城市伙伴关系中的积极态度相符。
Exchange and dialogue aids us in overcoming challenges together, sharing experiences, understanding each other’s perspectives and identifying alternatives. As a small big city with history in science and research spanning centuries, Heidelberg accepts its responsibility to be a city for everyone with a foundation that secures the ability to develop further for future generations. 交流和对话帮助我们共同克服挑战、分享经验、了解彼此的观点并确定备选方案。 作为一个拥有百年科研历史的小城,海德堡肩负起了确保子孙后代进一步发展的责任。
Historic Part of Heidelberg (photo: Diemer)



  • The UN has declared 2011 to 2020 the UN-Decade for Biological Diversity. In 2018, Heidelberg was recognized for its biological diversity thanks to the project “Urban NBS – Municipal Green Structures”
  • 2018 PEFC „Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes“ Germany’s capital city for forests
  • 2017 German Unesco Section names Heidelberg as a city with an exemplary concept for sustainable education.
  • Top 3: Germany’s most sustainable large cities 2019
  • 2018 Lighthouse project in the competition “Digitale Zukunftskommune@bw”
  • 2017 Competition “Excellent Places in the Land of Ideas”
  • 2016 Named “Public Relations Office of the Year”, Prize for “Community Participation Creates the Future”
  • 2016 „People’s Choice Award” South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas for the #HolDenOberbürgermeister campaign, German Prize for Online Communication
  • 2015: UNO Global Green City Award
  • 2015 Energy City, Energy efficiency
  • 2015 “Guiding Star for Energy Efficiency” – special prize for “Network/Communication”
  • 2015 Fairtrade Town
  • 2014 Best city for energy efficiency
  • 2014 Passivhaus Award
  • 2010 National Capital for Climate Protection for the second time
  • •联合国已宣布2011年至2020年为联合国生物多样性十年。 2018年,凭借“城市NBS--市政绿色结构”项目,海德​​堡因其生物多样性而荣膺认可
    •2018年“Digitale Zukunftskommune @ bw” (数字化未来社区@巴符州)比赛中的灯塔项目
    •2015年荣获“能源效率指导之星” - “网络/通信”特别奖
More prizes

Heidelbergs Mayor Prof. Dr. Würzner is practicing what he preaches. Find out more about his award winning online communication project #HolDenOberbürgermeister.
更多奖项 海德堡市长伍尔兹纳教授正在实践他所宣扬的理念。阅读更多关于其获奖项目#HolDenOberbürgermeister的信息。