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Amt für Digitales und Informationsverarbeitung
Kirchheimer Weg 4, Gebäude 103
69124 Heidelberg
Phone + 49 6221 58-11120

Brainstorming in the group (Foto: Rawpixel.com/shutterstock.com)


From broadband expansion to open data

Heidelberg is outstanding – not least in the field of digitalization. The city continues to make steady progress towards becoming a Smart City. From broadband expansion and public WiFi to online public participation and open data, digitalized infrastructure is set to become as much a part of local authority essential services as electricity, gas and water. The objective is to use new technologies to sustainably improve the lives of all our citizens.

Broadband Expansion

orange broadband expansion (Foto: Chiccododifc/shutterstock.com)

High-speed internet is already the rule in Heidelberg: Nearly 90% of all households already benefit from rapid data transfer. But broadband expansion is also on its way now to those areas as yet underserved.

Digital-Agentur GmbH

Laptops on a table (Foto: Dittmer)

The City of Heidelberg aims to become a digital pioneer, using new technologies to improve the lives of its citizens. Digital-Agentur Heidelberg GmbH will assist the city administration by launching and supporting initiatives and establishing partnerships.

Digital Hub

A tablet, showing an car (Foto: Dittmer)

Making digitalization tangible – the Digital Hub kurpfalz@bw creates a meeting point in Heidelberg for the digital scene. With events, workshops and makerspaces, this is where the digital transformation will be shaped.

Digital Pilots

Two men, working with a laptop (Foto: Dittmer)

Tech-savvy digital guides employed within Heidelberg’s city administration are supporting their colleagues along the road to digitalization.


poster to the events Digitalität@Heidelberg with an aerial photography of the old bridge and old town (Foto: Oxa/Shutterstock)

Work 4.0, artificial intelligence, email encryption – opportunity or risk? A series of events entitled Digitality@Heidelberg will aim to allay fears and boost skills through talks and workshops.


Laptop and smartphone, showing the webside "Get the mayor"

A new approach to public participation: The “holdenbuergermeister.de” [Get the Mayor] portal gives local people a chance to present any personal concerns they may have about Heidelberg and request a visit from the Mayor in person.

Heidelberg App

map with red marks, where swimming baths and sports fields are in Heidelberg (Foto: Stadt Heidelberg)

All the key information at all times: “Mein Heidelberg” [My Heidelberg] is a free app designed to keep both local people and visitors to the city up to date on what’s going on.

Public WiFi

Woman on a bench holding a smartphone (Foto. Stadt Heidelberg)

Click, click and go: Heidelberg offers one of the largest public WiFi networks in Germany. Two clicks is all it takes for users to get online – at numerous locations throughout the city.

Open Data

A tree is growing out of a book. There are flying symbols around it (Foto: Chinnapong/shutterstock)

As part of its open data strategy, the City of Heidelberg is working to make administrative data available on an open-access basis. The objective is greater transparency and more service.